About Us

Incorporated in Macau since 2006, SUMMIT Mice Co. Ltd. is the expertise you need to help accomplish your goals and objectives. We have the knowledge in organizing successful, distintive and creative events to your tailored needs.



SUMMIT conducts market research and analysis for new market development and designs marketing strategies so that our clients are able to develop profitable products and services that suit the market’s needs and requirements.


Also, SUMMIT cooperates with the client’s Promotion and Event Planning department when organizing events and liaise with the Public Relation and Communication departments in all activities related to marketing, especially in brand and corporate image building.

Public Relations and Communication


The main functions of public relations and communication are to build relationships between the organization and its key customers and suppliers and to project a good image to the general public through media and press publicity.


SUMMIT works and collaborates with the client’s Marketing department to execute marketing public relations (MPR) in order to convey information about the company’s products and services to potential customers. MPR helps to support an organization’s effort to increase sales in the short and long term and establish brand equity.

Promotion and Events


SUMMIT coordinates and organizes various promotion events. We help clients disseminate information about their products, product line, brand or company through the creation of a corporate image, brand identity, and competitive market positioning.


SUMMIT creates a promotion plan by specifying the promotional mix and the budget for each event or activity. We then develop and design promotion activities to achieve our client’s objective, whether it is sales increase, new product acceptance, creation of brand equity, or corporate image building.

Business Development and Operation


SUMMIT implements business development and operation initiatives that maximize stakeholder value and improve business processes. Our aim is to increase and secure the value of a business with efficient and effective management. To that end, we develop management models that can help a business achieve its organizational goals and objectives. We also help to streamline and unify various business functions such as planning, organization, staffing, financial control and budgeting so that an organization’s goals can be effectively met.

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